Customer Reviews
Carrie Davis-McLean
Brooklyn, NY
"We recently completed a total renovation of a 100-year old wood framed row home in Greenwood Heights Brooklyn. I found Khan using a google search and decided to give him a chance based on the positive reviews. I also visited the homes, and spoke with the owners of the last 2 major projects he was working with. The home-owners were both so positive about his work, and I could see with my own eyes that his work was high quality. We began the project in mid July 2013 and we moved in on November 8th so the project last just under 4 months. The scope of the work was vast.. It was basically a gut renovation of 3 full baths, kitchen, floors and basically converting a 2-family home to a 1-family home. He also converted our back yard which was formerly a concrete slab, to a beautiful patio and grass area which we use constantly when the weather is nice. I cannot speak more highly of Khan's work ethic. Most days he was there 7 days a week. He actually finished the job AHEAD of schedule. Khan is reliable and very nice to work with. He is honest and when he gives you a bid, he sticks to it. He takes pictures of his work, and encourages you to come by every day so that you can see that he is using quality materials and not cutting any corners. This was the thing that impressed me most about Khan. He treats your home as if he were building a home for his own family. He is accessible, and is happy to answer any questions you may have. He is also understanding of the fact that things may change during the course of the renovation and he is flexible. All of Khans workers were on time and professional. His work area was clean, and all rubbish was disposed of in a timely manner. I highly recommend Khan Home improvement for your project, big or small. I have worked with other contractors and they just don't compare to Khan."

A. Tom
Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn, NY
"I am the owner of The Heights Salon of Brooklyn in Brooklyn Heights NY. I hired Khan Home Improvement as a general contractor, and being a very busy person, I needed a GC who would do quality work without being micromanaged. I also needed them to be on budget. The scope of their work was extensive -- they filed for permits with the Department of Buildings and The Landmark Preservation Commission, hired and supervised the architect, plumber, electrician and painter. They refinished the hardwood floors, built a floating wall, ripped out the bathroom floors and laid new tiles, and installed a new sink. They even received packages and deliveries for me. They did quality work, pay great attention to details, and completed everything in a timely manner. As long as you know what you want, they will deliver. They listened to what I wanted, and we worked together very well. I highly recommend Khan Home Improvement if you want a GC who will do quality work in a timely manner."

Brooklyn, NY
"Khan recently renovated our two family home which included a roof, and 2-floor remodel. His work was professional and met all of our expectations. His staff worked tiredlessly to finish the remodel in 5 weeks which was under his estimated timeline even with all the changes which were introduced during construction. We will definitely hire Khan again and would recommend his company hands down."

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